"Thank you for countless hours of guidance, on and off the mat…"

30-Hour Mentorship Program

Students who have completed their 200 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification program* with me or with another teacher may enter into this Mentorship Program. You will be eligible for Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance since I am an authorized Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.

This program consists of the following but, is also adaptable since there are all levels of this program with some students who are fulfilling requirements for their 500 YT certification and others who just want to continue to have support and feedback from a teacher:

  1. Assist 15 classes consecutively.
  2. Attend 5 consultation sessions, either in person or on Skype/Zoom, that last between:30 to one hour. These sessions can be solo or group depending on how many are in the ongoing program at a given time.
  3. Complete custom assignments and practices.
  4. When possible, assist at workshops and retreats at cost–or through special arrangement.
  5. The student will get 15 public classes gratis, to be used by them or assigned to another.
  6. Fee: $345. for students who have completed teacher training with me or are regular students, and $395. for those who have not. Payment method: Cash payment is appreciated. Venmo is second best (david-moreno-moryoga) Check to David Moreno, 2930 Domingo Ave. Berkeley, CA 94705 or Paypal, (

* Exceptions to certification programs made for those with a sincere commitment that isn't interested in certification.


"Just wanted to check in to let you know that I had my first private movement student over zoom today, and it went super well.  I’m noticing the reassurance I’ve gained from experiencing the way you witness a student’s body and offer adjustments.  Just wanted to thank you for the improvement I’m noticing in my teaching...I saw another client on Tuesday, and I can’t thank you enough for the subtle yet invaluable way my teaching has changed from learning with you." Ren--Oakland

"... I love the way you're always returning to asanas that we've done in previous classes yet are also adding new elements as makes the classes feel progressive.  I feel like I'm getting familiar enough with new poses to master energetics, but we never end up repeating sequences too often, so it's never repetitive or mechanical. Thanks again for your excellent teaching David. I feel so fortunate to have you here to support my practice and teaching through mentorship training." Josuha --Oakland




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