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"Thank you for countless hours of guidance, on and off the mat…"

30 & 50 Hour Mentorship Program

*October 16th, 2021 – January 22nd, 2022

The Mentorship Program began as a Continuing Education training for certified yoga instructors who were interested in additional guidance and mor personalized training. This included new and seasoned teachers, the latter being those who hadn’t taught in a while or who lacked confidence in particular aspects of teaching. Or the training that they had received did not adequately prepare them, as few 200-hour trainings can. They were often interested in studying mor thoroughly how to create specialized classes, set up one-on-one sessions—working with private clients, teaching for corporations, setting up retreats or workshops, etc. Others just wanted to review the principles of alignment, anatomy, or finetune their skills in adjusting students or overall presentation.

Since COVID, I have opened this program up to all students since many have expressed interest in wanting to develop a mor satisfying home practice, understand which practices best suit them, their “dosha”, age, circumstances, as well as entertain their hidden desire to someday… teach. This combination of teachers and non-teachers creates a rich opportunity for in-depth study and intimate learning from each other under my guidance.

This program is highly stylized, tailored to meet both the individual and group objectives and as such may have different fee options. The basic fee covers our bi-monthly face-to-face meetings, administrative time, all instruction, and certification. Participants are encouraged to attend any workshops or retreats during this apprenticeship at additional, reduced costs. Each student will have their own individualized homework and practices. Bi-monthly, 2-hour meetings will be held on the weekends, usually Saturdays from 11:30 AM-1:30 PM. Showing up late to scheduled meetings will be considered a missed session. *Next series to start on October 16th, 2021 - January, 22nd, 2022. (Dates are also fluid to accommodate holidays and student’s schedules.)

To register for the Fall 2021/Winter 2022 program fill out the intake form below.

Students who have completed their 200 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification program* with me or with another teacher may enter into this Mentorship Program. You will be eligible for Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance since I am an authorized Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider--YACEP. Students wishing to study face to face will need to be in the Bay Area.

In part, this program consists of the following, but again is tailored to each student:

  1. Assist 15 in-person classes consecutively with me or the same teacher.
  2. Attend 5-10 consultation sessions with me, either in person or on Zoom, -- :55 minutes. These sessions can be solo or group depending on how many are in the mentorship program at a given time.
  3. Complete custom assignments and practices.
  4. When possible, assist at workshops and retreats at cost–or through special arrangements, observe private, one-on-one sessions when I work with a student/client in-person or on Zoom.
  5. The student will get public classes gratis, per the number you assist in person.
  6. Late arrival to any sessions will count as a missed session.
  7. Observe 5 - 10 yoga classes, following the Observation Guidelines sheet. Do this with as many different classes or teachers that you can arrange this with. You may include some of mine.

Registration Fee:

$595 Discount: For my regular students and those who have completed teacher training with me. $695 for those who have not. A payment plan option is available.

Payment method: Venmo: (david-moreno-moryoga) Paypal: (
Check mail to: David Moreno, 2930 Domingo Ave. Berkeley, CA 94705


"Just wanted to check in to let you know that I had my first private movement student over zoom today, and it went super well.  I’m noticing the reassurance I’ve gained from experiencing the way you witness a student’s body and offer adjustments.  Just wanted to thank you for the improvement I’m noticing in my teaching...I saw another client on Tuesday, and I can’t thank you enough for the subtle yet invaluable way my teaching has changed from learning with you." Ren--Oakland

"... I love the way you're always returning to asanas that we've done in previous classes yet are also adding new elements as makes the classes feel progressive.  I feel like I'm getting familiar enough with new poses to master energetics, but we never end up repeating sequences too often, so it's never repetitive or mechanical. Thanks again for your excellent teaching David. I feel so fortunate to have you here to support my practice and teaching through mentorship training." Josuha --San Francisco


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