Yoga and Ayurveda


Both yoga and Ayurveda are life sciences that attempt to align practitioners more fully with nature, so that, we can live more harmoniously with ourselves, and our environment. This interactive course introduces the founding principles of Ayurveda including its daily practices, “dosha” awareness, overview of the five elements, the importance of “agni” and how these principles directly relate to all our choices in life; relationships, work, eating, meditation, and asana… Asana sequences for the varies “doshas” and participatory games and exercises for better understanding our “dosha” are all part of this playfully informative lecture and practice course. (5-6 hours or divided into two days of 3 hrs each.)

“I absolutely loved the Ayurveda session with David… I’m totally inspired. I’ve been interested in the principles of Ayurveda for the past five years after studying with Dr. Joshi but David brought it all to life and made sense of what is a pretty complicated subject…”

Nicola Eastwood, Jersey Isle, UK

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