Men and Yoga : From Shiva to Swenson


Since yoga’s inception, yoga has been passed down from man to man – father to son, grandfather to grandson, brother to brother. Historically, men often studied yoga in the company of other men frequently learning from, and practicing with, members of their own family. Yet, in today’s world of commercial yoga where men remain a minority, few have experienced the benefits of men in community with other men, and few know much about this particular history of yoga.

This unique retreat includes daily healthcare practices, kriyas, asana, and sadhanas relative to men, plus an inspirational multi media presentation on the overview of men and yoga. If you’re a man who is hooked on yoga – this workshop is designed for you – no matter what your level of practice, what style of yoga you study, nor your sexual orientation.

“The world needs this workshop! Men need this beautiful gathering and connection to our self, one another, and to our forefathers. Women do this instinctively, Western men need to be shown how and why. David does this with grace and insight…”

Geoffrey Gordon, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, USA

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