The Nature of Desire

“Allow emotions, all longings, to show themselves. They cannot harm you. What creates harm is the mind turning the feelings into thoughts and stories. Watch the stories that you spin. Like a spider spinning a web, the mind creates traps for the heart. When you are longing for love, see if you are loving, being love. When you are longing for love, fall into love. Not in love. Into love. Desire for what you do not have is the nature of desire. Loving what you have is the nature of enlightenment. Desire is fine, human, natural and has a divine element. As does longing. Let your heart break. You will see what lies inside. You need nothing more than to reside with what is. What is may feel like the absence of peace. So reside in that. And peace will reveal itself as the heart of all that is manifest.” –Unknown
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