The Crown & The Irony of The Iron Lady

After starting season 4 of The Crown, I was inspired to go back and rewatch The Iron Lady (Merle Streep’s 3rd Oscar.) Much to my surprise, Olivia Coleman plays Margaret Thatcher’s daughter, Carol! I didn’t become aware of Coleman until Broadchurch so complete didn’t realize she was in IL and love the full circle and¬†poetic justice of her now playing the Queen to Thacher. There are so many reasons to love TC, the acting, production, the operatic scope of the Royals’ history but I also loveit from a spiritual view–the Royals are in a prison of their own making. None of them is happy with their lives and little realize that they can do something about it, that they possess the power. How often do we tell ourselves a story and then torture ourselves living up to it? We are prisoners by our own choosing? It’s what humans do the best and the most blindly. To feel safe we place boundaries on ourselves and then fight to breakout. Who would we be without these imposed concepts and regulations?

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