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ThanksGiving Class: Thursday, November 24 - Special LINK below-

Proceeds from the Thanksgiving morning class "deMystifying Gratitude: Feeling Thanks" will benefit the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland, which distributes food to native people within the Bay Area. https://www.ifhurbanrez.org/ 9:-10:30 AM PT hybred. In-person at GreenYogi 2807 Telegraph in Berkeley: https://www.mygreenyogi.com/.../demystifying-gratitude...
Online by donation: ($25 suggested) Zoom
Topic: Demystifying Gratitude: Feeling Thanks
Time: Nov 24, 2022, 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


"Like many, we met David through an in-person yoga class (in the pre-pandemic times) and immediately enjoyed his humor, refreshingly unconventional approach to the practice of yoga, and the way he thoughtfully connected and tailored current cultural, sociopolitical, planetary, and natural events to every class. From the music to reading quotes and astrological musings, there is a non-judgemental depth of wisdom and experience you get in David's classes. He has an uncanny way of making you feel seen, included, and cared for on the mat and off..." Susannah--Maine

Therapeutic Thursday  9:00 AM: PST:60
In-Person & On Zoom

GreenYogi 2807 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley 94705

Deep Flow: Saturday 9:00 AM PST:90
In-Person & On Zoom

GreenYogi 2807 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley 94705

New approaches and surprises all the time! Thanks for the class, David. Mark, San Diego

"I love the welcoming, funny, and tough environment you create for us every class." Matt, Berkeley

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PayPal: david@moryoga.com 

Check: 10 Main Dock, Sausalito, CA 94965

Specialty Class

Kavanah Yoga Havdalah 6-7:30 pm

 In-Person & Zoom - Winter 2021 Schedule Coming Soon.

"Havdala Yoga was lovely. So sweet - a very uplifting and peaceful gathering." Amy, Berkeley

Donation via Venmo or PayPal: $20. No-one turned away

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This community yoga class celebrates the Jewish ceremony that symbolically marks the ending of Shabbat and the ushering in of a new week. It is open to all students, all religions, gender, race, and spiritual disciplines. It begins with a welcoming heart circle introducing students to each other. This special class is co-taught with Cantor/Rabbi and longtime student Jennie Chabon. Together we weave a yoga practice around the stories from the Torah and the Dharma along with Chabon’s clear and inspiring singing. The evening ends after the appearance of three stars in the sky, the lighting of the special Havdalah candle with several wicks, the blessing of a cup of wine, and the sweet-smelling of spices. The intention of “Kavanah” is to energetically make the week ahead of one that is pleasing and peaceful.

Yoga props are always recommended. If you have a Havdalah candle bring it or a single candle as an alternative.

"Thanks for another lovely event last night. You and Jennie Chabon are a great match! David - as If I need to say more about your teaching skills, your ability to adjust on the fly based on the physical state of the team was so impressive. Rabbi - thanks for the insight about how to see Jacob's struggle as the need to recognize our true selves before we can move on. David's remark about the two sides of the body being like Jacob and Esau made me think about the need to reconcile the different sides of our personalities as a way to get to that state of recognition. And the parting of Jacob and Esau after their meeting suggests that the reconciliation is an ongoing struggle."

“David, Since you retooled the entire Havdalah class on the spot last night, for folks with ankle and foot injuries, I think you could think up some yoga sessions for me dealing with my limitations on what I can still do. I’m sure you will do a wonderful job. Let’s talk about how we might schedule that… I really don’t want to miss five weeks of yoga that makes me sad and I also don’t think it’s good for my body.”
Thanks, Sandy—Berkeley

“Thank you so much for that excellent Havdalah class!   There were some really beautiful sequences and I love how skillfully you adapted the class to forego the standing poses.  I got some very deep folds and twists and really enjoyed the entire mixture of the asana, the Rabbi’s singing, and the Havdalah ritual.… There was a move (tabletop: hand cupping the neck: Extension/Retraction) that I loved so much and I want to learn the entire sequence that led to that juicy moment.  I feel like I discovered some new muscles in my back and shoulders with that one! …I really appreciate you, David!  Your classes are so well taught and the atmosphere so friendly and warm!  Thank you for all of your caring guidance.”

Congregation B'nai Tikvah

25 Hillcroft Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

(925) 933-5397

Therapeutic Yoga

“This morning I woke up in so much pain it was hard to sit up in bed.  I wanted so badly to get to your class I crawled out of bed and onto my mat.  I did not turn on my video because my movements felt distorted and embarrassing.  I started class with a level 6 of pain and now am down to a 2.  It was so healing all of that swaying back and forth, it couldn't have been a better day to have a restorative flowy, watery class.  Thank you for continuing to bring so much healing into my body, mind & soul.” Kelly--Berkeley

“Thank you so much. I am an over 70 cyclist and swimmer, so your therapeutic classes are invaluable! Mary-Oakland

“David, I now understand therapeutic yoga. I felt a sense of calm in both my soul and body.  Your loving-kindness meditation was healing, and the breathwork we did by gently moving our bodies opened my heart. Thank you” –Kathryn, Stinson Beach


"Hi David,
I just wanted to thank you for sharing about Maty at Saturday's class. I always appreciate hearing your perspective on death and dying. There has been a lot of death and loss in and around my life lately, and I found what you shared especially poignant while it likewise brought me peace. So thank you. Wishing you peace,"

Bekki Lee-Wendt

“It was such a beautiful practice on Saturday. I love the way you weave the traditions together. It was a treat to share you with the kids…I was verklempt that they joined. Gabe's GF loves yoga but is not familiar with Jewish ritual - so as you can imagine it was the perfect introduction!  It was great to see the good doctor's kid there also - a real family affair. One thing I prefer over zoom is the flame from the Havdalah candle - I never noticed how it looks like one giant candle with one giant flame, especially from a distance. Doug calls it a bit of 16th-century stagecraft.

Zooming with you really is my port in the storm (that's the storm in my head - very nasty weather!). I am so grateful. My hips were bothering me the last few weeks. I find if I listen to you when you say micro bend knees it is much better.



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