Deliberate Stillness Retreat

David Moreno

November 17, 2019

Enter the green silence of redwoods. Slip into the quite subtle experience of kriya, pranayama, and mindful meditation practices. Delve into Deep Flow Yoga and guided Yoga Nidra periods for a replenished you. During free time, take a peaceful walk to Muir Beach or through the fertile organic farm of Green Gulch Zen Center. Lunch will come from their lush gardens. This full-day retreat is a gift to yourself, a chance to stretch both body and mind–a silent holiday.

This silent day-long retreat will move between asana practice and sitting or “abiding.” Asana portions will not only be designed to take us deeply into profound states of consciousness but will also be designed to enable us to sit more effortlessly once hips and legs have been opened systematically.  Lunch and free time will also be done as a silent practice.

“Thank you, David, for a wonderful day. The Deliberate Stillness Retreat was a perfect introduction for my first all day yoga-mediation retreat. My wife had attended the previous year’s retreat and this was her gift to me. I very much enjoyed the various forms of meditation and of course the yoga. Having the retreat at Green Gulch on a cool, rainy day served to enhance an already great experience. I am already looking forward to next year!”

– Matt, Richmond

“To deliver oneself up, hand oneself over, entrust oneself completely to the silence of a wide landscape of woods and hill, or sea, or desert: to sit still while the sun comes up over the land and fills its silences with light. To pray and work in the morning and to labor in meditation in the evening when night falls upon that land and when the silence fills itself with darkness and with stars. This is a true and special vocation. There are few who are willing to belong completely to such silence, to let it soak into their bones, to breathe nothing but silence, to feed on silence, and to turn the very substance of their life into a living and vigilant silence.”

-Thomas Merton

Pranayama: Breathing Practice, Energetic Practice

Kriya: Usually means more of a cleansing or clearing practice. Some types of pranayama are considered Kriyas because of their specific affect.

Meditation: Mindfulness Practice. Various types of mindful meditation practices will be lead and will include Zen-styled walking practice.

Yoga Nidra: Guided Relaxation and Rejuvenating Meditation.

Asana: Physical Practice (Exercise) to open the Nadis or subtle body energetic pathways.


Dress comfortably in layers. The yurt has an iron stove fire in it to keep us warm should we need. Fog can roll in even on the warmest days, or it might be sunny and warm throughout. Yoga props are available at the yurt but bringing your favorites also ensures your comfort.


I will send out an email to the participants the week before the retreat and encourage you to car pool if possible. Many of you wil be coming from the same areas.

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Green Gulch Farm & Zen Center
1601 Shoreline Hwy, Muir Beach, CA 94965

Includes day-long instruction, facilities, lunch, and tea service. $160.

"David, Thank you for the beautiful photo and for the wonderful day at Green Gulch. It enabled me to tune in to my mind/body state and subsequently to take steps to take better care of myself. Fabulous group of people, fabulous day."  Tory

"Asana without meditation is not asana that’s helping us evolve in a more fundamental understanding of our deeper purpose, and our spiritual capacity. Just because we’re doing asana, does not mean we’re doing Yoga. Yoga is the essence of life. It’s awakening to that essence of being…the height of becoming…and the height of being. That’s Yoga.

You can do asana and not be established in Yoga. And you can be in Yoga, and not do asana. You can be an asana master, and be a mess. You can be so advanced, in so many asanas, and yet be living your life in a completely unhealthy, adharmic way…a way that’s not supportive of the greater good. And you can be living in a way that is supporting the greater good, and not do asana.

The asana is simply an adjunct, a tool, that we use to achieve a greater state of freedom. But we can have that freedom without the asana.

If more of us were steeped in an authentic Yoga tradition, there would be more Yoga in our asana.”

-Yogarupa Rod Stryker


“Look between the thoughts, rather than at the thoughts. When you happen to walk in a crowd, you do not fight every person you meet — you just find your way between them.”