Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra: Deliberate Stillness Retreat 2016


Recorded at the Deliberate Stillness Retreat 2016
Green Gulch Zen Center
Marin, California
Length: 41:39 min
Format: MP3
Rain, Tibetan Bells, Crows


Recorded on an autumnal day between rain bursts and cool winds, during a daylong yoga and meditation retreat. You can hear some of that rain, the crackling sound of the fire in the wood burning stove, the occasional crow, and faint Tibetan bells in the background. Yoga Nidra was presented as part of several different meditation practices including walking and sitting meditation.

You can feel the sheer number of us all cuddled into the yurt for this longer practice, and reap the benefit of it when wanting a deeper journey.

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