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Deliberate Stillness Yoga Nidra – August 2020


Length: 30 minutes
Recorded: August 22, 2020
Location: Berkeley, California

This download contains video from this class as well as a separate audio track. For audio only Yoga Nidras visit: https://43py4.hosts.cx/store/recorded-classes/special-classes/yoga-nidras/


Like everything in 2020, this Yoga Nidra is my first on Zoom! It was guided from my apartment in Berkeley during the annual day-long meditation and yoga retreat that usually takes place at Green Gulch Zen Center. This deep practice was just one of several meditative practices done throughout this retreat. It covers the classic structures and processes of Yoga Nidra but also goes beyond those for a fully restorative journey. A brief mention of the origin and purpose of a Sankalpa begins this 30-minute recording that you can use either with video or just audio.

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