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Abiding: Somatic Meditation


On Day 10 of the 30-Day Mindfulness intensive, David presents a practice that borrows from many traditions and disciplines.


This dynamic and spacious meditation practice was presented for the international event, 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge—30 Days, 30 Teachers, 30 Practices, benefiting 30 Social Justice Organizations for $30!

David presents on the 10th day of this 30-Day intensive with a practice that borrows from many traditions and disciplines including, Qi Gong, somatic therapeutic modalities, various yoga pranayamas, kriyas, and particular asanas, all of which can elicit an immediate impact on the subtle energy body, the nervous system, and the body’s connective tissue—myofascia. I also weave the open meditation practices of Dzogchen Buddhism and the Shakti Bandha—energetic cultivation and release modalities—found in the tantras of Kashmir Shaivism.

This practice enables students to become more familiar with its presence, universal intelligence, etc. and to recognize, not only their internal experience but also the external collective experience as being one and the same. When this is experienced by each student at the same time, whether in a classroom setting or over Zoom, the energetic nature of the room perceptibly expands—consciousness is experienced as something palpable.

We truly are one, we are eternal, in that moment presence is all that is happening. The student is no longer an individual sitting in a classroom having their individual experience but a communal experience of authentic nature as one united field of consciousness that can be felt beyond the senses—but includes the senses. Within this non-dualistic approach, its silent nature is heard, its infinite nature touched… “Namaste” suddenly transcends cliché and is realized as something genuine and boundless.

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