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Yin Chair


Recorded: May 21, 2020
Length: :80


This practice uses a chair for a full practice in the Yin style of holding poses while working with the chair as support. It is particularly rich for hamstring stretching and a number of forward bends that open up the back. Now, you don’t need to wear toe spreaders to take this class! I had them on and they felt great so I kept them on for this particular class! Enjoy, lots of positive feedback from this class.

“Thanks for the best chair yoga session I’ve ever experienced. So glad to know you’ve been recording cause I was going to ask if you’d share your sequence notes form today’s session… the session was perfect.” Jeff, St Louis

“I am loving your classes and especially the Thursday ones.  It always feels good to slow down and to concentrate on one area or one technique a bit more.  The slowing down is very challenging for me so I am appreciating it!  The chair class last week was amazing.  The stretches were so deep and felt very different from other movements we have done and with the chair there it was so easy to melt into it and feel things letting go…” Berit, Marin

“Thanks so much, David! Loved this chair class–we could breathe into and hold the poses more and longer! Hope you are doing well! Jalyn, Berkeley

“Loved the therapeutic yoga class! My back and I thank you…I’ll use some of those poses when I take breaks to relieve my back from driving and working at my desk! 🙏🏼 Yassi, Oakland

“Appreciating my work chair so much more today. Great stuff David. Have a good one.” Kelly, Oakland 

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