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Yang Chair


“Hi David. I’m all in for chair yoga. I’ve had a persistent knot in my right glute that feels so much better after yoga this morning. Having stability with the chair gave me the opportunity to move my hips away that created a fabulous and oh so helpful stretch. See you next Thursday.” Kathyrn—Oakland  

Recorded: July 1, 2020
Length: :55


When we think of a chair as a prop we think of it as something accommodating that will make a pose easier. And, in many cases this is true, especially during a Yin practice where postures are held for long periods to allow the fascia to release and elongate. In this practice the chair will be used more as a prop to be worked against and with, strengthening the gluts, quads and hamstrings. This is a smart practice for stabilizing and strengthening the hips. All Levels. Chair, blanket & block required

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