Yoga for Cyclists: Post-Ride Practices

Yoga For Cyclists - Post Ride

World-class yoga instructor, David Moreno, presents Yoga for Cyclists: Post-Ride Practices. The material assembled in Yoga for Cyclists was developed for training and rehabbing professional cyclists and runners. Cycling, while keeping riders fit and vibrant, also makes demands that over time or through injury can take its toll. Both Yoga and Ayurveda strive to nurture and support wellness on all levels – decreasing what is in excess and increasing what is depleted. These user-friendly and highly practical post-ride yoga practices will help sustain cyclists and give them the most from their cycling experience.

The classic Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic, and physical therapy modalities presented in Yoga for Cyclists require no previous experience in yoga or cycling and are highly recommended for runners, athletes, and yogis of all levels and styles of practice – fitness buffs, non-cyclist, and non-yogis alike.


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