By David

Unlocked: Reflections On Teaching Yoga Abroad

My first day of teaching requires that I go to the yoga studio for a pre-workshop sound check and technical run-through. I plan to do this early, knowing that anything that can go wrong with technical stuff usually does.

Wake Up and Loosen Up

Though most warm-ups emphasize major muscle groups, Moreno says focusing on the joints can be an effective way to energize the body and ensure a safe practice or workout. It’s also good for the long-term health of your joints.

Yoga For Cyclists: Minor Adjustments & Fine Tuning

It’s summer, and Bay Area foothills, valleys,and shorelines are swimming with cyclists. Not that avid cyclists don’t ride all year come rain or shine, but those few really sunny, warm, perfect days are so darn seductive to us fog dwellers.

Generation Sweat: The Heat Is On

It’s summer in San Francisco, which means you are probably wearing earmuffs, a scarf, and three sweaters. Your body is contracting, your mood is a bit depressed, and you’re craving a hot chai latte, not watermelon. As soon as you reach your hot yoga class, your mood starts to shift.

Aparigraha: Non Attachment, Sort Of…

Mrs. Rubel’s 1963 pink Cadillac took up an entire school block when parked. Mrs. Rubel’s laugh took up an entire playground. Mrs. Rubel was to fourth graders what the Dalai Lama is to baby boomers. She was the island of refuge between the stern Mrs.

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