Joe Goode Performance Group

Joe Goode Performance Group

“He’s a good boy…Heeee zzza Goode boooboi…He’s a…” chants and slurs Melecio Estrella at the start of “29 Effeminate Gestures.”

November 8, 2014 Culture Vulture

“29 Effeminate Gestures” (1987)
“Wonderboy” (2008)

Estrella has replaced Joe Goode who choreographed this autobiographical dance-theater piece for himself—a piece considered by many a masterwork. As such, “29 Effeminate Gestures” is as relevant today in our mash-up evolving transgender world as it was when it premiered in 1987. Thanks to a grant by the NEA (even though Goode has been reluctant in remounting older works) it is the perfect complement to “Wonderboy.”

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