Saturday, March 19th
1: pm-6: pm (PDT)
In-person & Zoom option


“Reverence to the Divine, which constantly performs the five acts—and which, by doing so, reveals the ultimate reality of one’s own Self, which is nothing but the Joy of Awareness.”
Recognition Sutras

Program Overview

Both Ayurveda and yoga are based on the natural laws and cycles of nature. To truly understand and apply either of these disciplines, one must align with nature's most fundamental building blocks. When we understand our relationship to the Sun and the Moon, to the seasons and the rhythms of nature, to the five elements that make up nature, we gain a “knowledge of life” and the “science of longevity”—both translations for the word Ayurveda.

It’s not by chance that yogin perform Sun Salutations daily and that the word “Hatha”--as in Hatha Yoga--means Sun (ha) and Moon (tha.) Or that in tantric practices, Moon Salutations--done at night--are as popular as solar practices emphasized in modern-day yoga.

On this half-a-day journey, we will consider the “Pancha Maha Bhutas”--the five elements discussed both in physics and in the ancient Eastern technologies and philosophies. We will learn how the “doshas” of Ayurveda evolved out of our relationship to the five elements (the five acts), affecting all aspects of living and examine how we encounter life through the lens of the “doshas.” You will have direct experience with the heating and cooling practices, foods and treatments associated with Ha/tha Yoga and Ayurveda and how these sciences apply to you--your dreams, thoughts, actions, relationships and which practices are best suited for you based on your constitution. This is both a highly informative, practical and participatory half-day workshop and multi-media presentation.

I am presenting “Origin” as part of the Joya Yoga 200 hr Teacher Training. This half-day program is open to all of my students, either in-person or over Zoom.


For previously accredited yoga teachers you will receive 6 Hours of Yoga Alliance approved Continuing Education Credit.

Cost: $135.

Pre-registration is required by February 19th

: Email david@moryoga.com. Please notate whether you are joining in online or at the studio.

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Saturday, March 19th

1:-6:00PM PDT
Joya Yoga
1923 Second St, Livermore CA 94550

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