Minister / officiant


My rate for these services
is on a sliding scale from $200-$350 (please consider my travel time, whether or not the event is during one of my regular class times--requiring a  substitute teacher--and all pre-event planning meetings whether they are in person, through email or over the phone.) Cash payment is due on the day of the event.  Please discuss with me the best option for you. I am excited to be a part of your momentous occasion.  Contact David.


"Thank you so much for not only bringing us together but also leading such a special & fun ceremony! (..The singing was top notch! 🙂 We are incredibly grateful on all accounts..." Carol & Chris--Berkeley

I officially became a minister out of a natural flow with my longtime students, many of whom had asked me to officiate weddings and other significant occasions. It is an honor for me to share these special moments and feels very much like a continuation of our yoga relationship and something similar to the traditional tantric practice of “kula”--intentional community. I am happy to discuss your special needs are and to create that ceremony or service specifically for you.

"In the face of all the organizational + planning challenges that can come with hosting a wedding celebration, Ryan + I felt beyond grateful for David‘s ownership of the ceremony.  We trusted that he would host a ceremony that was both unique + authentic to our partnership ... he delivered all this + more.  We couldn’t have expected the magic that would unfold, and will never forget the beautiful words + experience he created for our loved ones + us on such an unforgettable day.  Thank you, David!”  Devi & Ryan Bittencourt--Palo Alto, CA

Susannah & Kelli
Devi & Ryan
David & David
Natalie & Jessica
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Merrian & Gus
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