David In The Media

David has been featured in a variety of publications including the New York Times, Yoga Journal, LA Yoga Magazine, Vanity Fair – among others – on topics ranging from travel in India to men’s health and wellness, joint care to the commercialization and corporatization of yoga. He has also been included on televised interviews and panel discussions on yoga.

Berkeley’s light-hearted yogi talks humor, Ayurveda and Zoom 1

Berkeley’s light-hearted yogi talks humor, Ayurveda and Zoom

A former dancer, Berkeley’s David Moreno has taught yoga for more than 25 years, from his early days at Yoga Mandala to conferences and teacher trainings around the world.

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Running International Travel + Yoga Trips

Running International Travel + Yoga Trips

David is currently offering his next travel trip in Petra. He shares how he plans for an international trip, the marketing process, and how to ensure that everything goes smoothly in a developing country.

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David Moreno - The Mind Body Man

The Mind-Body Man

With so many benefits, why aren’t more men doing yoga and Pilates?

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What Yoga Can Do For Men Physically and Mentally

Most have gotten past the attitude that “yoga is a girl thing” to embrace the idea that yoga simply is a good thing: good for destressing, good for establishing balance, strength and flexibility.

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A Yogi’s Travel Guide to India

If you’re looking for devotional or meditative inspiration, India is the source.

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Men Over 50

A photo essay by tommy+alan photography.

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An Interview With David Moreno

David is interviewed on camera by Antonio Sausys.

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Review: Wheel of Yoga for Cyclists

A Review by Julie Deife

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Review: David Moreno’s DVDs Offer Authentic, Specialized Yoga Flows

A Review By Michelle Margaret Fajkus

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