Winter Solstice 2019

December 2019

On the Edge of The Solstice: It started with the dark skies and early morning rain. It was enhanced by the cold cave-like days just before the winter solstice and wound up with the heightened stress of the approaching holidays—even to the degree that some of us ignore them. Almost everyone felt it to some extent about the time their eyes opened to the morning–a dread, a sinking in the belly, stiffness in the bones, a cold. The day had a weight to it. Not the immobilizing weight of depression but more like a dark suspension. And, even though some felt righteously celebratory that our madman had been impeached, it did nothing to lighten things–no views were changed, no mistrust or suspicions resolved– divisions fortified. The world will never be what it was again. Even Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi was being tried for war crimes on this winter’s day.

The veil between what is happening out in the world and in our own lives is thin. Thinner each day as we hurdle towards 2020–dramatic divisions remain for now. Every time that we have a view of how we thought things should go, how we truly believe things could be different, will be challenged. Climate change, turbulent change, we fear change and…dislike the way things are. The grace is the practice, is meditation, is the awareness of that which holds all things, all displays, all manifestation in its vastness. So, we abide, surrender, open, yoga… I feel that too… I feel you watchful ones who chose love—a love full of contradiction. I feel that love and clarity too, and open, and open, and try opening some more… Blessed Solstice, David

PLAYLIST: Dinah Washington / Max Richter – This Bitter Earth / On The Nature Of Daylight

David Moreno

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