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The Myths of Yoga

August 19, 2016

“The world is like the impression left by the telling of a story.”  Yogavâsistha 2.3.11

Myths attempt to describe the indescribable yet intuitively known mysteries of life. They are signposts for cosmological forces given shape, color, texture, and sound by culture. As such, myths exist outside of time and space, reappearing over and over again in a variety of shapes, forms, and names. Understanding – through yogic embodiment – the myths associated with various asanas can transform these asanas from the mundane into something cosmological.

This workshop includes a multimedia presentation, lecture, and the chance to practice many intermediate and advanced asanas.

Deep Flow: Lateral Sequence

August 19, 2016

Experience the immediate and profound unwinding of mental and physical tension, the inner wave of subtle energetic movements, the harmonization of the solar (pingala) and lunar (ida) channels, plus, the strengthening and tonifiying of the oblique abdominals and organs. Deep Flow is immensely engaging for all levels of practitioners.

“I found your teaching inspiring and it freed me from the dogma of classic Ashtanga yoga.”

Steve Foster, Proprietor-Wild Country, Holmsfirth, UK

“I really benefited from the Deep Flow on Sunday morning, slowly working our way up into rather a sweat! The session was an eye opener with postures that really dug in deep.”

Harrietta Thebault: Yoga Instructor, Jersey Isle, UK

Trance Dance Ritual

August 19, 2016

Since the beginning of recorded history, civilizations around the world have used trance dance as a form of prayer, as an active way for communing with nature, spirit, or deities. It was, and is, a participatory means for healing, for visions, or for finding answers to challenges facing an individual or the collective. Trance Dance has endured the test of time because of its power, offering us the same benefits today and it did in ancient times. Trance Dances are danced blind folded, for long periods of time. Although they appear to be social in nature, they are ultimately for the individual to journey deeper into, and with, oneself in the company of others. Trance Dance is a powerful and energetic way of gathering insights. David was certified in TD through his studies with the Natalie Institute in Austin, Texas and has lead this rituals internationally.

“Imagine darkness so intense and so complete covering you like a velvet blanket. A blackness which cuts you off from the everyday world, which forces you to draw deep into yourself, which makes you see with your heart instead of your eyes. You can’t see but your eyes are open. You are isolated, yet you are united with all living things. And, out of this darkness comes the roaring of the drums, the sound of prayers. Your ear catches the voices of the spirits, ghostlike, whispering to you from unseen lips. You feel wings of birds brushing your face, feel the light touch of a feather on your skin. And always you hear the throbbing drums filling the empty space inside yourself, making you forget things that clutter your mind, making your body sway to their rhythm.”

Robbie Robertson
Singer/songwriter, The Band

The Sleep of Yogis: Salutations To The Moon

August 19, 2016

Ha (Sun) tha (Moon) Yoga unifies dynamic solar energy with reflective lunar energy. Yet, few contemporary yogis know much about the lunar side of yoga practice. This workshop, which is both class and ritual, will introduce the esoteric practices and benefits of “Chandra Namaskra” (moon salutations) and its companion practices of Yoga Nidra, Pranamudra, Nadi Shodana and continuous Om chanting. Yoga Nidra has its roots in Tantric practice and is part of a meditative, healing, and conscious dying tradition. This candle lit workshop taught at night will attune participants to lunar energy, connecting them more fully with their pranic body.

Yoga and The Five Elements

August 19, 2016

Experiencing the qualities (gunas) of earth, water, fire, wind, and space (ether), and understanding how they interact and create reality, enhances our view on yoga and life. Learning how to balance the elements in practice and in lifestyle brings many benefits and is the core of yoga, Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine. The elements will be introduced through lecture, and practice, including asana, pranayama, mudra, and meditation.

Healthy Joints For Your Sport

May 20, 2016

Protect and prolong your joints’ usage through a simple sequence taken from various yoga lineages that focus on joint health. This online yoga class is particularly good for sports enthusiasts for pre-event and long-term maintenance.

Happy, Healthy Neck and Shoulders

May 20, 2016

In this short online yoga class are simple and effective practices for reducing tension in the neck and shoulders. The types of postures and sequences are based on a variety of different yoga practices and put together in an intelligent and simple sequence. These postures will create greater circulation and realign tendons to joints. Since most of us stress this part of our bodies just from computer usage alone, all levels of students are capable of benefiting from this unique practice.

Happy, Healthy Backs

May 20, 2016

In this short online yoga practice are both therapeutic and deep back lengthening postures from several different yoga traditions and healing modalities. All of us, regardless of our experience with asana, can benefit from this particular sequence and types of asana. For those with ongoing tension in the lower back, you will find sustained relief and postures that you practice more than once a day. This is not recommended for people suffering from severe or chronic back pain. Restorative and calming, Happy Healthy Backs is a deep practice for all levels.

Deep Flow: What is Hip?

May 20, 2016

The hips are our moving center, our actions and dharma in the world. This center is supported by a number of muscle groups that can be approached from all sorts of directions, held statically, or moved through in repetition. This engaging sequence uses a particular set of postures to help lubricate and free up this vital center while playfully challenging students to go deeper. You’ll break a sweat and feel more fluid and open by the time you collapse in savasana.

Deep Flow: Digging In The Deep

May 20, 2016

This profound side bending, lateral sequence of postures moves at a steady pace, allowing for a progression into an interior landscape of sensation, pulsation, and inner rhythm. It challenges practitioners to go beyond mindless, automatic yoga practices in order to experience the subtle levels of prana shakti – life force. Take as much time as your body requires when transitioning from one pose to the next, as this particular sequence will continue to generate profound unfolding, liberating internal movement and sensation beyond the pose itself. Chances are good you’ll sleep well when finished with this online yoga practice.

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