Shifting Gravity

Inversions revitalize the whole system, reversing the effects of gravity – mentally and physically – by bathing the brain with nourishment. Inversions cleanse, nourish, clear the mind, and improve thinking. They improve circulation and assist the lymphatic system. They relieve strain and fatigue in the legs and feet. Inversions can stimulate sluggish digestion and elimination […]

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Upward Flying: The Bandhas

The Bandhas are essential to yoga and are what distinguish asana practice from other forms of exercise. They constitute the core physical and energetic strength necessary for sustaining rigorous yoga practices, stimulate the awakening of kundalini shakti for Kindalini yoga, and, are the organic result of alignment practiced in Anusara yoga. This workshop focuses on

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The Ramayana is an epic tale set in India during prehistorical times. It is one of India’s enduring legends, and represents historical fact to the devoted followers of Rama, prince of Ayodhya and incarnation of the God Vishnu. Although the plot is fairly simple and taken at face value for much of the world, it

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Core Strengthening

In the yogic view, abdominal conditioning and strength are encouraged for their aid in digestion, assimilation, and elimination on all levels of being and for the way this area, once toned, supports proper meditation positions. Many of the exercises found in Pilates have their origin in yoga asana. However, for the most part muscle groups

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Yoga and Ayurveda

Both yoga and Ayurveda are life sciences that attempt to align practitioners more fully with nature, so that, we can live more harmoniously with ourselves, and our environment. This interactive course introduces the founding principles of Ayurveda including its daily practices, “dosha” awareness, overview of the five elements, the importance of “agni” and how these

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Partners Yoga

Partner yoga is a natural response when one’s own yogic practice has matured. It is both fun and informative, challenging and intimate. The workshop includes asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra practices done in pairs. It is taught in a Vinayasa style, moving sequentially from standing to seated postures, from back bends to inversions. Participants should

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