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Partners Yoga

Partner yoga is a natural response when one’s own yogic practice has matured. It is both fun and informative, challenging and intimate. The workshop includes asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra practices done in pairs. It is taught in a Vinayasa style, moving sequentially from standing to seated postures, from back bends to inversions. Participants should …

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The Myths of Yoga

“The world is like the impression left by the telling of a story.”  Yogavâsistha 2.3.11 Myths attempt to describe the indescribable yet intuitively known mysteries of life. They are signposts for cosmological forces given shape, color, texture, and sound by culture. As such, myths exist outside of time and space, reappearing over and over again …

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Deep Flow: Lateral Sequence

Experience the immediate and profound unwinding of mental and physical tension, the inner wave of subtle energetic movements, the harmonization of the solar (pingala) and lunar (ida) channels, plus, the strengthening and tonifiying of the oblique abdominals and organs. Deep Flow is immensely engaging for all levels of practitioners. “I found your teaching inspiring and …

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Trance Dance Ritual

Since the beginning of recorded history, civilizations around the world have used trance dance as a form of prayer, as an active way for communing with nature, spirit, or deities. It was, and is, a participatory means for healing, for visions, or for finding answers to challenges facing an individual or the collective. Trance Dance …

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Yoga and The Five Elements

Experiencing the qualities (gunas) of earth, water, fire, wind, and space (ether), and understanding how they interact and create reality, enhances our view on yoga and life. Learning how to balance the elements in practice and in lifestyle brings many benefits and is the core of yoga, Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine. The elements will be …

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Healthy Joints For Your Sport

Protect and prolong your joints’ usage through a simple sequence taken from various yoga lineages that focus on joint health. This online yoga class is particularly good for sports enthusiasts for pre-event and long-term maintenance.

Happy, Healthy Backs

In this short online yoga practice are both therapeutic and deep back lengthening postures from several different yoga traditions and healing modalities. All of us, regardless of our experience with asana, can benefit from this particular sequence and types of asana. For those with ongoing tension in the lower back, you will find sustained relief …

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