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David has written provocative articles for leading yoga publications on subjects such as death and dying, the working conditions and lack of workers rights for contemporary yoga instructors, and the potential dangers associated excessive sweaty yoga practices. He has also written about men’s health and wellness and yoga practices specifically for cyclists and runners. In addition to writing on yoga, he is a much respected dance critic writing for various arts and entertainment publications.

Yoga International - Reflections on Teaching Yoga Abroad

Unlocked: Reflections On Teaching Yoga Abroad

I walk from my flat to Vishnu’s Couch yoga studio and back to my flat. This is my world, my life for four short-lived, jet-lagged days.

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Strike (A Pose): The Union of Yoga

Commercial yoga became an industry about 15 years ago and as such needs to step up to the full responsibility of what that implies.

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Wake Up and Loosen Up

San Francisco Bay Area yoga teacher David Moreno teaches a series of joint exercises that can be used as part of your morning or pre-practice stretching routine.

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Yoga For Cyclists: Minor Adjustments & Fine Tuning

Cyclists can use yoga for rehabbing injuries, strength building and conditioning, stretching out contracted muscles, and countering excessive exposure to the environment through restorative postures and deep relaxation.

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Generation Sweat: The Heat Is On

There is more at risk as we age and excessive overheating could ultimately speed along the process. For instance, inflammatory diseases (any disease that ends in “-itis”) is seen as excess heat in the body.

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Balinese Yoga 1

Balinese Yoga

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Aparigraha: Non Attachment, Sort Of…

You are right, Arjuna; the mind is restless and hard to master; but by constant practice and detachment it can be mastered… Yoga is indeed hard for those who lack self-restraint; but if you keep striving earnestly, in the right way, you can reach it. ~

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Death And A Living Yoga Practice

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