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I have studied within many different yoga traditions and find each of these paths informative and transformational. Mor & mor…

MorYoga - David Moreno - Yoga Teacher Training, Ayurveda, and Tantric Yoga Traditions

I teach a Deep Flow Yoga, which combines the principles and styles of Yin, Vinyasa, Anusara, and Bihar schools of yoga, laced with Qi Gong, somatic fitness, and my dance training. It isn’t my intention to brand yet another style of yoga, but a singular style or discipline doesn’t reflect my practices or 30 years of teaching.

Ultimately, I am teaching — Hatha yoga — in the classic sense, based on seasons and conditions, time of day, including the time we are in our life. Through focusing on the details and principles of universal alignment the more subtle aspects of practice reveal themselves. It is important to me that students have a direct experience — feel more — from what they are doing rather than jumping through a rapid sweaty choreography or becoming attached to what they think yoga is. Yoga has changed radically since I began teaching but its heart remains as does its inclusivity.

David (Abhimanyu) Moreno, ERYT 500, YACEP

David Moreno is one of the most know-legible, fun, artistic, and sweet-hearted teachers that I know. If you want your body to shine and your heart to laugh, then David Moreno is your guide.”

John Friend
Universal Principles of Hatha Yoga

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