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A good amount of my teaching is working with students privately. I have taught professional athletes preparing for an event, those recovering from one, and those healing from injuries. I also work with students wanting to work on specific practices, poses, or meditation, those with disabilities, and those who just prefer to study in the privacy of their own home rather than public classes.

Usually, one on one sessions are held at your home–once the intake form has been filled out, emailed back to me, and a date and time has been agreed upon. An alternative to meeting at your place is to use one of the studios where I teach.

The advantage of using your home for those of you wanting a home practice is that we can design your practice space and see which sorts of props you have and which you may need. A travel stipend will be added for clients when travel time exceeds :30 in one direction.

David Moreno E-RYT500, YACEP, SMT

1 hour private session rate: $95.  Couples: $175.

Please complete the intake form to contact David and arrange an appointment.

Thank you for being who you are and for sharing your wisdom and humor… I started coming to you… a couple of months after my second child, Seraphina was born. She’s 5 now. I remember how hard (it) was at first and how there was so much I was physically unable to do… I appreciate the gift of your teaching, and how in a big way you’ve been a part of my healing and personal journey over the last couple of years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, Tanya
Berkeley, USA

I am in Bangkok right now and am back in Delhi in a few days… What I would do for even ONE yoga class with you!!!! Really, you are such an amazing teacher and the time I spent studying with you was so important for me and often times in class I can hear your voice cuing me so I can experience more out of my practice. I can do headstands now 🙂 You told me that one day it will magically come together (most likely when I let go and stop pushing) and it did!”

Delhi, India

“I really enjoy your privates. I’m a survivor of a traumatic spine injury with 8 spinal fusions under my belt so far and was told that I would never ride again. I have proved them wrong. I’m doing 500 miles a week, tough miles and I think your private training help me greatly.”

Douglas McFarland, Professional Cyclist
Los Angeles, USA

I would really like to say what a great, wonderful individual you are and total star. Thank you for introducing me to Ayurveda and all that it brings. You really are such a gem.”

Leeds, England

Tremendous thanks, gratitude, salutations, love, love, love for all you do, done, doing. You inspire me, you teach me, you calm me, you help me. For this and infinitely more I am lucky you are in my life”

Oakland, USA

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In working together, I will be viewing you as a whole person consisting of body, mind, spirit, and will make recommendations based on this holistic overview, rather than seeing you as a muscle group, or particular injury. I appreciate your trust in working with me and hope that our work together will be fruitful and auspicious. Frequent hands-on adjustments are likely to be made during our session. If this is inappropriate for you please inform me at the beginning of your session. I will do my best to look after your wellness, and, you are ultimately responsible for taking care of yourself during your training. Cancellations made with less than twenty-four hours will be charged as a regular session. Payment is due at time of session unless an agreement is made for a series of sessions. Cash is preferred with cash only for a single, one-up, session. Thank you. Please indicate that you have read and are in agreement with the preceding by clicking on the checkbox.