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I really enjoyed my interview with Jill!
I’d like to offer a free Yoga Nidra mp3 to everyone who listened.

Yoga Nidra (the sleep of yogin or psychic sleep) is a guided meditation and visualization practice done lying on the back in a corpse postion. Unlike seated meditation, which requires conscious will to keep the spine erect, during Yoga Nidra the body is allowed to completely let go, fully relax, and naturally restore itself. Physical, emotional, and mental tensions release, dissolving karmic and psychic stress, often in more profound ways than achieved in sleeping.

Yoga Nidra’s far-reaching potential can be used for deep healing, insomnia, and stress management, as a conscious dying practice, or as a subliminal learning tool. I was trained in this practice by my teacher Dharmanidhi Sarasvati who learned directly from one of the originators of this profound practice, Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

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